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Boarding At Allstar Canine

Boarding at Allstar for your dog is like going to Disneyland.

You take them from your home to ours. They are free to run all day in and out. They are highly protected. Caring for dogs since 1985 and we have never lost a dog. They MUST be socialized because they get 9 to 10 hours a day to play with other dogs. There are no extra charges for playtime, walks or administration of medications or supplements. There is no chain link kennels or stacked crates or being left alone all night. Crates are used only for separation if we ever leave for an errand or when people come over for an interview as we don't want pups jumping all over them. They are also used for feeding so there is no dog fights over food. Introductions to newcomers are done in a very controlled manner with one greeting at a time so a puppy or a shy, fearful dog is not overwhelmed. Mates from home are not separated.

No need to bring your crate unless you think they'd feel more comfortable in their own. We watch where they go to feel safe and create as much comfort as we can. They go in and out all day Winter and Summer. Never waiting to go potty. We have heat in the Winter and AC in the Summer. We control noise like constant barking so the pack feels comfortable and not nervous. They are not allowed to fight or make attempts to dominate other dogs. They sleep peacefully at night in the master bedroom with us all cozy in beds. Even potty breaks in the middle of the night is not a problem. They have 10,000 sq ft of house and yard to play in. The property is locked down with security cameras, fully fenced with wood fencing and dogs are never left outside unattended. They are spoiled rotten and all owners say they are just pooped when they get back home. Fun Fun Fun!

Crates or beds are disinfected and cleaned well after each dog leaves and weather permitted the lawn is washed down about every third day. Trees, toys, patio chairs, balls, fences, vehicle tires, garbage cans, walkways, the walls of the buildings and house, fake plant pee posts and more are hosed down nearly every day. Poop scooping is an ongoing chore. We never tire of doggie kisses, drooling, messes to clean up, picking up torn up toys, or cleaning up all the time. We love it all.

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For the warm personal attention given during boarding at Allstar plus the fantastic no-cage environment the pricing is fantastic.

Small Dogs $20
Medium $22
Large Dogs $25
Huge Dogs $29

Pricing is based off of one day or a 12 hour stay. If one of your days ends up any time short of that 12 hr period then you are put on a hourly rate. This will save you some money. Second dogs of the same family, not just a friends dog, always gets discounted.

Appointments must be made prior to stays. So make your interview appointment early to get yourself set up at ACS before your vacation time comes along. All dogs must be screened on an interview for acceptance.

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