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One Breed vs Another

So many people come to us with a very common statement we'd love to discuss here. "I got this dog because they are known for ..........." Yes, there is a general character umbrella over the breeds:

Just as you and I are different so is each and every dog regardless of their breed. We've seen the total opposite to what the breed is known for like a Spaniel that just hates water or a terrier who has zero interest in digging. Watching dogs as much as we do you see a lot of those general labels or characteristics per breed fly right out the window. We can't put dogs in categories anymore than we can people.

The area where the type of breed is very important is your life style. If you are in an apartment you are really doing a disservice to your dog if you pick a larger breed and expect them to wait 9 hours a day for you to exercise them for an hour. Plus have that exercise be just a walk. It just does not work well. Owners start complaining about things being ripped up & so many times frustration leads to giving them up. Losing a $1500. couch you just bought, a kitchen table, curtains, screens, doors, carpet and walls is a sign of a very unhappy dog. If you have no SECURE fencing don't get a Husky or a dog in the wolf or Alaskan breeds.

See Education - TV Training  for preparing your yard and home for a new dog.

See Buying Dogs  for tips on how to pick the right dog for your home.




A typical question we get asked all the time is should we expect our dog to heel on the rightside all the time. The answer depends on where you are, how you want your dog to behave and what your personal needs are. You might have back or knee pain and a dog that is pulling hurts. Then the expectation would be most definitely walk at my side. You might be walking in to his favorite park for play. There the expectation is walk with me without the pulling until we get passed the gate. You might be walking up to the gate of his favorite daycare facility. Once again......walk with me with no pulling until we get inside to play.

Dogs can combine work and play very easily. A well trained dog can be in the middle of play and easily do what you ask of him IF you teach him how to do that. We take advantage of the anxious behavior coming in & out at Allstar Canine. We love to use that high energy to teach if we are invited or allowed to. Once in the field or area he can play in the expectation is for him to come when called. This should be taught before he ever goes off leash. If you need to know training tips for your particular situation then give us a call. We've done it all.


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