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We have many dogs and owners you can talk to about what they experienced in class. How it changed there lives. How it is so comfortable to walk with their dogs now. No pulling, no tripping, no barking, and no ignoring you.

All ACS classes are private sessions. Custom designed to your particular needs. Based on what you already know and what classes you have been to before. What handling skills you already have or what you need to work on regarding timing and handling. Is this your first puppy or your first time handling a dog? Do you have experience but what you are doing isn't working?

Puppy Classes are for pups 8 to 16 weeks of age. An introductory obedience class to help them with fears, leash work, housetraining, and the beginnings of how to listen to you and accept commands. There is great information on how to get your pup confident, happy and ready for the world. If appropriate they can have controlled exposure to other dogs. Pricing $80 for four classes. This price is if you come to ACS. Coming to your home it is $38.-$45 per class depending on your location in our area.

General Obedience is open to all dogs 5 months and older. On class #1 you and your dog will get evaluated to see where you are in the education process of dog training. What ever class material is not necessary for you to study you can skip which can save you time and money. Many people do not need all six or eight classes. This is where we tell you approximately how many classes it will take to achieve the goals you are after. If you start fresh Pricing is $40. per class at our location for at least an hour and a half and we give you two weeks of practice time before the next class unless you specify you want once a week.

Packed full of information and methods that actually work right now. Industry contradictions, aggression, shyness, fear, over excitement, pulling, barking, distractions, marking, separation anxiety, the industry tools, feeding, bolting, crating, ignoring you, selective hearing, fence jumping, fence fighting, destroying, hiding, digging, de-sensitizing, re-association, re-training, company at the door, UPS men, window barking, car chasing, escaping and much much more. What ever you want to work on.....we can help out.

Advanced Work All dogs must be tested for this class time. This is high exposure to other dogs and they will learn to prove their obedience under heavy distractions. They have to have previous training either with ACS or another facility. They MUST be able to come on command. They must have the ability to focus on and listen to you. They would accomplish at least 20 commands or more combining general obedience and advanced work. These commands are not tricks but practical things that we use every day. Easily custom made for your life. Pricing This high demand study is $55. per class at least an hour and a half and twice a month unless you request more often.








"Hey Charlie, you need to hear about these great classes. They are a lot of fun. You have to do what they ask of you but there are treats and playing and lots of fun stuff to push around and have fun with. I had a blast. Ya wanna go with me next time?"

How To Save Money If you and another family member, not living with you, a neighbor or a co-worker want to team up and take a class together you can all split the cost of the class with only an additional $15.00 per person. That's OK by ACS. That way it is less expensive for all. This is limited to three people and three dogs per class.

Many people call in about having trouble with just one specific problem. It is possible and acceptable for us to attend to just that one thing but we all need to be aware of the fact that many of these specific behaviors are related to General Obedience.

  • Leadership
  • Timing
  • Correction
  • Convincing
  • Body Language
  • Focus
  • Voice Tones
  • Proper Praise
  • Proper Guidance
  • Proper Hierarchy

If you have a problem with a dog biting or barking at company it is more related to these things than just fixing that one behavior.


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