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Pampering For A Day

Tell us when your dog's birthday is and we will plan a special party for him or her. We set up the party room with balloons and Scoobie Doo paper plates and party signs and a dog table cloth along with doggie napkins and party hats. We keep every dog out until all the treats are on the floor and plates. Then we set up the cameras and open the gates. They have a blast! When the weather is nice we make sure the swimming pool is filled and we have a Summer Splash party with games outside. During the Winter we play search for the squeeky, hunt for milkbones, a stuffed toy toss and nail painting.

The girls get pictures with girly bling or a tierra. The boys get pictures with a baseball, mitt or bat. We find the right fit for your dogs personality.

If you watch while driving around Federal Way you just might see us having a birthday party at one of the school fields or a public park.

Little Chopper had a great time with all his friends. All we needed was permission from his owner to let him have a few treats and he was off to the party. He didn't get a ride on the motorcycle but he sat very still for a great picture. Chopper is one of our favorites. Full of energy and runs just as fast as the big boys.

We LOVE creating a few good photos for you to add to your album at home.


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