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Your Chance To Ask Questions

If you have a classroom full of kids who might enjoy asking questions about dogs, we would love to schedule a visit when we can. We always bring a dog for fun or at times a fireman might come and talk about safety too.

Campfire Girls, Bluebirds, Boy Scouts, Kids Daycare, Community Centers, Dog Park Meets, Churches, YMCA, Senior Meets or Schools can request a visit from Allstar Canine Solutions. We are glad to answer any and all questions about the new puppies, how dogs think and talk, problem solving or how to care for your best friend. This is very popular so you must schedule at least six months prior to your meeting. All visits are subject to availability. There is no cost for the visit. Let's just have fun!

We also show everyone what a bullet proof vest looks like for the military K-9. We also show all the training tools of the industry and help everyone know how to use them properly.

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It's Fun. We get crazy! Fire away with your toughest questions.

Why does my dog run up on the back of the couch and run as fast as he can all around the house?

Why does my dog step on my feet and walk all around me trying to trip me? Does my dog have ADD?

Why does my dog jump all over me when he sees me?

Why is it that after I take him potty when I get home from work and then go back inside he pees inside the house?

Can I get my dog to love the cat?

How can I keep my puppy from eating my shoes?

Can I change my dogs name?

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