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Finding Your Lost Dog

Losing your dog in the first place is what we try to focus on. Local stats show that the majority of dogs allowed to escape will not end up back with their owners.

Nature tells your dog to jump, dig and escape. When dogs get lost it is us humans who need more education. Dogs are just being dogs. As you already know they are very smart.

A few fortunate dogs will get picked up by a stranger that hopefully will love them. Others might end up on Pet Finder and yet others end up at the Shelter where they wait to be either claimed, saved or euthanized.

In the Puget Sound area approximately 34,000 cats and dogs were killed in shelters in just ONE year and about half of those were healthy pets. If we look at National statistics of approximately Ten Million animals going to some shelter, it is just heartbreaking.

There are about 5,000 shelters nationwide. Approximately 5 to 7 million animals enter each year and approximately 3 to 4 million are uthanized. With cats about 2% return to their owners. With dogs about 15%. (Source NCPPSP)

In 2010 Seattle Animal Shelter took in 3658 and the pets that went out was 1889. You have about a 50/50 chance your dog will get a new home. This is just in ONE shelter. Washington County took in about 4349 in the same year.

We PLEAD with the; "Oh, they're just a dog, they'll find their way back home" thinkers and we race to educate all who care and want to help.

It is a great idea to have phone numbers close or in your phone. Speed is a huge key in finding your dog. And most of all the way to avoid all of this is to not let your animal get away. Protect him. If kids are going to be going in and out of doors then confine or tie him up. If company is coming make sure he is secure. If he can dig under the fence then fix it better than before. If you give him one inch to get feet or claws around the side of a fence board you are risking all that time and money and love you have in to him.

Outsmarted by his own curiousity.

Outsmarted by his own curiosity. We all know they are smart but look at how they can get into trouble. Photographer unknown.

The majority of signs put up are hand written and have small letters. Remember: If you can not see a sign a half a block away and be able to read everything on that sign in 3 seconds your sign will not be effective. Try more like 6" gothic letters, black placed on white and say what you need to say in five words or less. Make your sign for daytime not for night time. We are very busy watching the road at night when driving is harder. Keep the detail information like: Breed, color, date, picture, age etc. very small. Drivers can not read all that unless they pull over and stop.

If you Find Your Dog Gone

  • Lock house & grab car keys
  • Take what your dog LOVES. Toys, kids, food, dogs mate, Frisbee, etc.
  • Use voice, car sounds & smells. Your dogs nose & ears are more powerful than his eyes.
  • Look between houses and especially where you see other animals.
  • Keep searching for four days. A dog will be hungry by then.
  • Call all the local shelters. That's the first place people call.
  • Talk to any kids playing in neighborhoods.


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