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Thanks To Our Military

To all of our awesome men and women serving our country in the military. We THANK you from the bottom of our hearts! Words aren't enough but we do so appreciate your sacrifices and the sacrifices your entire families make. We think of you all the time and pray for your safety and the mental and physical strength that you need to do what you do.

In an attempt to help give back to you in our humble way

we support all of our Veterans by collecting donations of bowls, food, blankets, beds and help towards vaccinations for those who can not afford it. Join in and thank our Military who we are so proud of. Just click on one of the packages below and tell us what you'd like to donate and we can all come together to give something back.

For all active duty military personnel we donate two days off of any boarding stay one week or longer and for training 25% off of any 8 week course.


Check online when you know when your deployment activation is: dogsondeployments.org guardianangelsforsoldierspets.org or call us. If we have some space we'd be so glad to help out. We have helped train and have helped board many dogs for military families. If you are in our area we can pick up your family dog and take him to our facility or to another family member to be taken care of. No cost to you. It's just a big thank you for what your family is doing for us. If we can fit it into our allowed time it is there as an option for you.

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