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Ottis was a sad story with a happy ending. He was tortured, beaten & starved. He was filthy and full of disease. He seemed to have been hosed down inside kennels enough to terrify him. If you took a bone away from him he'd bite your arm badly. He was a great dog but just scared to death. Within eight months we had addressed all the behavior issues and helped change his fears to that of more confidence. He was adopted out to a wonderful gal who just adores him to pieces.

Asia has since passed away but she leaves a message for all those who adopt from rescue organizations. She had been in and out of several homes and experienced the Ellen Degeneres adoption problem in a different way. The adoptors sold her to one party, that party gave her away to another party and then she was found wandering the streets AGAIN only to go back through the whole process all over again with the rescue group. Read the adoption rules. Remember if you do not want the dog it MUST go back to the rescue group.

Approximately 5 to 7 million pets enter shelters nation wide every year. Three to four million are euthanized. 60% are dogs. Only 15% - 20% are returned to the owners. Visit http://www.aspca.org Huskies are usually within the top 3 or 4 on the lists of stats for lost dogs.
See Lost Dogs

In fostering you must have the personality type that can let a dog go after they've been with you about a year. If you are not that strong then don't volunteer or you will end up keeping many dogs. You also must have a TON of patience as most of them come with issues that take re-training and re-association to things which terrified them in the past. It is very time consuming. You might need to spend time and money with a person who can help you train and you have to have the stomache to see ruined and unfortunate dogs. Use our contact form if you want to foster. See Contact

The most common challenge that Rescue groups and fosters see is the public not being prepared enough for the new dog. A very large percentage of the loose dogs found out in the streets is the result of poor fencing. It only takes a bored dog 2 seconds to jump that fence, about 10 seconds to climb and only a couple of minutes to dig out ..... and they will dig just when you believe they won't.

See: Lost Dog to learn the chances of your dog getting returned to you.

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