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Why Is Socializing Your Dog Important?

We heard one authority say; "Just throw them into the pack and let them learn." Well, that is a great way to end up with possible Vet bills plus an opportunity to traumatize your dog for the rest of his life which happens all the time at Dog Parks. Prepare your dog slowly for parks. Make sure he knows the greeting protocal before going there. There is no need to create a marker in his head that will cause that feeling of fear for the rest of his life. This is why at ACS we will never put a new visitor into a pack that is already there. We introduce dogs one at a time and very carefully. We interview the newcomer by itself first until we are sure of it's personality type. We have seen a few, not many, who overprotect their dog so much that they won't even allow their dog to get near other dogs. The owners scoop them up or pull them away from others never allowing any social skill building at all. It comes from fear that the dog is going to get hurt. Due to lack of know how the owner does not believe that there are many ways of creating protection so that the dog can get those social skills without getting hurt or scared. Meeting and greeting other dogs should be a fun and happy experience for your dog. A positive reward for saying Hi the right way.

Most all dog problems can be helped by a good trainer. Unfortunately we have seen too many dogs given up that could have been helped with just a little trainer assistance and guidance. Today there is so much information online for you to chose from. If you have used techniques that are not working for you then give us a call but do NOT wait to long. Remember: dogs learn by repetition and it only takes about three times for them to learn something different and better if you are correcting correctly.

Just like bringing a new baby into the house....Get prepared. Finances, schooling, education, training techniques, safe comfortable sleeping, food, toys, Vet, a permanent home not one that is moving from place to place, family or neighbors who can help if necessary, how you will handle it if you have other pets in the home, fencing and protection, type of confinement so he can chew and chew and chew. Scheduling time in for some training even within those busy days. And most of all protecting his life from cars and things that can harm him. Broken homes create broken dogs. We are glad to provide you with some complimentary information over the phone just to try to help out.

Dogs are always happy when they have a pal to play with. They all have the same behavior challenges. They all want to rule the pack. They all want to pull and jump. They all will test and test to see what they can get away with around you. 

If we are not teaching and we let wrong behaviors go on then it is human error not a dog problem. Socializing your dog is an ongoing process as, just like with people, they will like some dogs but not others. Cesar has great tips on socializing at cesarsway.com Need someone close to you? Just give us a call.


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