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A Few Of Our Favorite Successes

Milly People are amazed to learn that Milly's change of behavior only took three corrections. A dog who was allowed to bolt when she was called. See the You Tube video under See: Training - Video.

Milly had one of the most common obedience problems. She did fine on all the basics: sit, stay, down, leave it and so on but she learned early on to run when she knew the owner wanted to catch her. To a dog that means no more fun....right? It was easily changed and she is doing what her owner wants now very well.

Max A beautiful Great Dane who was regularly taken to the dog parks for years. At about 5 yrs old he started nipping at other dogs which to them that means a fight. A few more tries lead to worse behavior. Remember bad behavior ALWAYS gets worse over time. The owners began to have no choice but to not take him to be around other dogs. This decreased his socialization which can just add to the problem. This behavior took a little longer to change. We don't know why or where it comes from at times but at the end of the 3rd day he was successfully walking shoulder to shoulder with all kinds of dogs without any negative reaction at all. Just back to playing with them all.

Charlie A cute little Shih-tzu who is very very bright. This guy learned fifteen commands in just 8 weeks. He was jumping through hoops and going through tunnels, pushing balls, opening doors and my favorite the 'Love' command where he'd walk up your lap, up further to your chest then lay his head on your chest while we said Charlie love. But as a baby he had learned from the prior owner that he could be quicker than a human when they go out the door. He'd time it just right. He knew when the feet & the door were in the right position and he'd FLY through. Now he will not move until given permission.

Alaya A darling little poodle that only listened when she felt like it. As many poodles are she is aluf. She was the queen of the household. Her owners got very scared one day when they opened the front door and a car was barreling down the street and she ran right towards it. They then made the decision to do some training. Not all dogs get that second chance. It only took three classes for this little gal to grasp the concept of coming even when she didn't want to and also waiting until she was given the OK to go out the door. The re-training took longer than if she had been trained in the first place but with proper correction she got it quickly and now the owner and her are making not running out that door tons & tons of fun.

Lucky Not a service dog but this owner in a wheel chair wanted his dog to walk right next to him. We first had to work on hierarchy issues. This dog was also ruling the household for years so he did not have any concept of obeying his owner or a command. In these cases we normally have to take many weeks to change the patterns that are already there. This is confusing to a dog. When you start putting expectations on them they wonder why. They are thinking; 'you've never wanted this before, why now?' But it is amazing how they can re-learn things. Lucky now understands even how to walk at different paces. We also taught him to jump up on laps only when he is invited.

Daisy Still our favorite from years past. Weighing in at about 5 lbs this little Maltese so happy and full of wanting to please. Her and her owner tried some training several months elsewhere and still needed the basics. We put her through changes on basics so it actually worked and then on to harder commands like a down or sit in motion. She made us laugh SO hard as we watched her run at full speed towards her owner and sit INSTANTLY where ever she was when she heard the command. It looked like she was sliding into 3rd base. We will always remember you Daisy.

Dogs or just animals in general are constantly going through testing for hierarchy. It never ends. Even when they get it established the dynamics will change and they're off again testing to see who is boss. We can sit in a lawn chair and watch dogs for hours go through this constant dance with hundreds of pieces of body language as their way of communicating. 

This is why it is so vitally important to go through this wise dance yourself. If we don't show that we can be a loyal and loving leader then your dog will take over that job. Many times leaving them with a whole ton of stress to be in that position. 

Training done right dogs are not afraid but confident and happy. Wrong training many times produces fear, biting, possessiveness, aggression, and so much more. And each time they practice the bad behavior they just get better and better at it.

Your dog should be thrilled to do what ever you ask of him. We can show you the balance of obedience and happiness as you teach your precious friend.


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