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Training Techniques

ALLSTAR'S #1 GOAL is producing success between you and your dog getting results as quickly as possible. Saving time and money lessens stress on all. The next goal in our dealings with dogs whether it be boarding, grooming favors, or training is that the dogs are having FUN. We work towards healthy, happy, emotionally stable and confident dogs.

We, as well as many trainers we know, are like sponges for information on how to get better and better at what we love to do. We definitely disapprove of hanging, kicking, beating or any devices that can cause pain. All the training devices still used in the industry are acceptable but each MUST be used in the proper way to not cause anger, frustration or pain for the dog. We have a strong belief that you don’t even need to yell or speak loudly to your dog. If you get to the point of anger you are not training correctly. If you learn how to be a great teacher with love, patience and the correct communication you will develope a dog who is very  anxious to please you. They love the work. It keeps them from getting bored. Dogs want leaders. Imagine how stressful it would be for an animal to take over a pack when he didn't want to or he was a horrible leader. Imagine how relaxed an entire pack is when they can rely on a good leader. Letting your dog rule the household is putting a ton of stress on them. We have changed the most toughest, dominant, wanna-be rulers into respectful pets for their owners without taking away any confidence from the dog.

There is a whole spectrum of personalities from dogs who are very slow learners to dogs that are so terrified that they hide behind the owners feet constantly. Dogs who lunge out biting and snarling at everything they see to dogs who are overly excited and can’t be still or relaxed. Trainers get trained to make an initial assessment quickly and come up with twenty different  approaches to the same problem to find just that perfect correction or that motivation that will work for that particular dog. The techniques are different for all.

We use Body Language and physical manipulation just as animals do in the wild. We use any methods out there: clickers, prongs, electronics, drag lines, harnesses, treats, halti’s, squeeky’s, muzzles if needed, chokers if you want, whatever you desire but all must have a quick and easy result. We've talked to many who are still working on 'no jump' six months or a year later. We fix no jump in just minutes. What is more correction..... 1500 times for the same behavior or three times and it’s done. Finished. Study the way animals correct each other. They don't go thousands of times, usually three. We get hundreds who have tried other classes that just did not work and years later they are still trying to get their dogs to stop pulling.

In any training finding out exactly what will motivate your dog to learn is very necessary. Some dogs don’t like food treats, others could care less about a squeeky toy. Some only want your praise. But when you find what inspires them to learn you are 90% there. During training you have to up the happy and excitement sounds enough to embarrass your neighbors but after your dog gets it then you can go back to normal. Dogs are very smart. They know when you are happy and pleased and they know when you are mad all without knowing ONE of our words. Is the animal world filled with words? .....No. Sounds, body, eyes, breath, grumbling, panting, howling, barking, pawing, ramming and rubbing. There are hundreds of body signs they do with each other. It never stops amazing us.

Time Needed Towards Commitment

We find that many times students who have not reached the goals that they came for is due to lack of follow through. We are all SO busy today. Dog Training has to fit in to your life for about 6 to 8 weeks or more, spread out over 3 or 4 months, depending on what you want to work on. This is such a common challenge with all of the training facilities. The desire to have a well trained dog is all inspiring at the beginning but as people go they start to get that it does take some time. So add it to your schedule only when you can stay with it. If a dog goes any longer than three days in between practicing commands he will forget the learning. After the learning is all done then the rehearsal time can be placed at once a month and he’d retain what he has learned.

Every person coming to classes wants to see their dog do Off Leash work and mind them perfectly in just a month. We always tell them to think of training lasting about a year for a dog that started at the beginning. There are many people who already have some training or handling skills under their belt and for us it is just a matter of testing them to see where any adjustments can be made to get them better educated.

The Commitment time will vary also according to the owners personality type. If the owner is shy, scared, timid, soft or not confident enough to be in a leadership position then challenges come up. A tough combination is a person like that with a rough, tough, defiant, spoiled, controlling dog. So it depends on what you want to achieve and how well you learn to be a loving teacher that spells out what time it will take. The chart below is just a real good look at what kind of commitment produces what kind of results. This applies to everything we take on. Piano, language, woodcrafting, skating, gymnastics, baseball or training a dog. ACS will help you spend as little time and money as possible.

Many of our clients we see are those who are frustrated after going through classes at the most popular places. We think that if a dog is allowed to do his or her obedience on their terms and not yours that this is not called obedience.

We have expectations of getting your dog to get to you in the middle of a squirrel chase if you ask him to. If you watch the 'Milly' Video under Training she did not want to come while playing with other dogs but she did. We show people how to do that nearly every day.

Be careful of treating so much during training. In the first level, the learning level, it is OK but make sure that the treats are no larger than a pencil eraser. You can actually train a dog just with the scent of a tasty treat on your finger.


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