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Resume' And Dog Training On Television

The owner of Allstar Canine has had an ongoing interesting and full life. Involved with TV, radio, recording and performing professionally since 1965. At the age of six she was starring in shows in Seattle's community theatres and throughout her youth there was dance, song or pageant performances winning trophies and awards consistently. As an adult the hard work continued with entertaining all over the U.S. and Canada studying with top entertainers and their back-ups rehearsing six hours a day and performing six hours a night. She has shared stage prep areas with many top stars from the 70's like Florence Henderson, Juliet Prowse, Charo, Helen Reddy, David Brenner, Shecky Greene, Dean Martin, Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Wayne Newton, Barry Manilow and many more. She was part of the opening of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas contracted for two weeks and held over for one year and the grand opening of the Resorts Hotel on the boardwalk in New Jersey. Seven years in Nevada put her in nearly every Casino in the State along with many Hotel chains across the country. Hyatts, Hiltons, Holiday Inns, Thunderbirds, Black Angus's, and so many top name clubs when nightclubs were the place to be.

Closing out that career with George Burns a fantastic front man, a horn player that once worked with Tommy Dorsey, a drummer from a hit rock band and a keyboard player that performed at the White House for years. This five piece had lines 5 blocks long to get into a Ballard club where Bill Nye (the now Science Guy) was a consistent patron. She began to slow the performing way down and started teaching instead. She developed an awesome music program for kids and helped hand down 30 years of experience to them.

With a few ties left to music she started putting the more practical and earthy gifts and talents to use. Along with selling radio and TV advertising spots for Seattle's businesses, she constructed an award winning float for the music school and participated in more than 100 Parades and Events getting very involved with community. Enjoying serving others in 1985 she put together a side business directed towards helping senior citizens who could no longer keep up with basic survival. Within just six months the word spread so fast about her honesty, integrity and work ethic that she was booked solid with five helpers.

The licenses this gal has acquired is amazing. Holding a Cosmetology license since 1968, she later acquired a license in Real Estate and Pest Control. She was doing car work at age 14 and still today handles starters, water pumps, brakes, radiators, belts, engine swapping, broken locks and recently blew away the mechanics by doing an intake manifold gasket on the company Van. She worked as a journeyman electrician and bid new construction jobs, helped to build nine homes with Habitat For Humanity and then took those talents to the seniors doing skylights, decks, stairs, porches, windows, doors, sinks, disposals, flooring, washer & dryers, some cleaning up and landscape design. Having ownership in 13 homes plus a commercial building in the middle of the main business district in Tacoma and went through ownership over the years of 18 vehicles including several Motor Homes helping seniors and all their family and friends just came natural.

This is also where the Pet Sitting began. Working with dogs grew from sitting to rescue work and then adding to it two years of an apprenticeship for dog training which she soon learned that this was what she wanted to do for retirement. Studying the industry and watching what worked and what didn't she held on to what proved to be the fastest most humane and loving way of teaching dogs what we want from them. Happy, eager, confident but respectful dogs living happily ever after with their owners. She loves to spend time talking with you on tough training issues and she loves running a happy boarding place for those who want their pets in an open home environment.

Happy Tails To You



TV and Radio are designed to entertain or to educate you as quickly as they can. The images that you see have been edited and well manipulated in order to hold your interest. Allstars owner appeared on a Seattle popular afternoon TV show and they had about 25 people in the audience during the taping. When it aired they plugged in over 300 people. An entirely different audience than who was there during taping.

Be careful what you believe on TV, on the internet or even in person at times. Dog training takes time and patience and you being very consistent at teaching until your dog understands the expectations you have. TV might give you a few hints which is great but realize that so much of the hard stuff is edited out.

Still being asked to do a few performances here and there 'CJ' is actually really enjoying retirement from the overwhelming demands of the showbiz world. Today her real enjoyment comes from sitting on a living room floor being surrounded by loving, playful, happy dogs. Where could you find a better job than that.

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